The benefits of learning ERP systems using tooltips

September 6, 2021 by
The benefits of learning ERP systems using tooltips
Dr M. Motahar

Most organizations today are implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. As we know, ERP is a significant investment, so companies need to make sure that their employees fully understand how to use this valuable resource. When properly integrated, ERP can have a substantial impact on a company's success. However, according to Ed Jordan, analysts have found that roughly 75% of ERP projects fail. To avoid ERP failure, training is one of the crucial ways to implement an ERP system with success and reduce the risk of failure.

Traditional Training

Traditional employee training can be defined as training conducted and attended in person. The on-site training mimics a traditional classroom with one teacher and a roomful of students. Such instruction has been part of corporate training for decades.


Classroom training is group interaction. Employees and their colleagues together can communicate, share information and learn from each other.

People are familiar with the classroom and the methods of classroom training. Unlike online teaching, employees do not need to be "familiar" with classroom training methods.

In classroom training, participants can ask questions and get answers directly from the teacher.

Online Training

online employee training is web-based training with virtual face-to-face communication with the trainer. It is based on sharing training modules digitally with employees through employee training systems. If there is a live or virtual face-to-face interaction with the trainer, many employees will likely join and be mentored via the web. In online learning, different methods can be used to enhance employee training. Here are some of the advantages of it:
Online training is monotonous. While classroom training can accommodate a limited number of people, online learning can be offered to every employee in an organization at once, no matter how many.
Online training is faster and saves time. Online learning can be deployed in real-time to improve employee skills. Classroom training requires scheduling and can only accommodate a fixed number of employees.
Online teaching can be targeted. It can be modified according to the skills that different groups of individuals need to develop and can even be personalized for each person using adaptive learning models and methods.

Video Tooltips - Sophisticated training

Tooltips are contextual information within an application that provides additional information about a particular feature and improves the overall user experience. To access tooltip help, Users can simply move the mouse pointer over a control on the form, and the Tooltip will display the help on that control. Moreover, Tooltips are good opportunities for companies to engage power users to assist in the development of short micro training modules for their end-users. Here are some of the key benefits of using tooltips for corporate training 

Reducing the training days

Tooltips let you provide context-sensitive help or video wherever and whenever needed, potentially cutting down on training time.

Reducing the consulting days

Users do not need to consult customer service to solve the problem. Instead, just as you can often find tooltips on Google or Microsoft platforms, they offer quick solutions to problems in simple language, a short description, or a video.

 Reducing the support calls

Tooltip considers how to predict customer behaviours and promote self-service when users need it by understanding contact reason and mapping the customer journey.

Online training delivers real benefits for staff development, and Tooltip offers us an efficient way to learn ERP software online. By mixing the two, we can deliver smarter tooltips that not only can reduce the consulting days but also reducing the support calls from the help desk. Tooltips can help you provide contextual help, provide help in form fields, reports and even the configuration parts of the system and are a great tool to explain complex features or to highlight new features. Smart Tooltips can improve the user's getting started experience, and they have proven to be effective in teaching millions of people online.


In today's competitive market, companies want to produce their products or deliver their services more efficiently, and the pressure on employees for ongoing learning and adoption of many tools and applications in their daily operation is high. Tooltips can reduce the pressure and lead employees to successfully adopt enterprise software within the organization, which will result in employee productivity and process efficiency. 

Sharon Li, Business Analyst

Sharon is an IT business analyst at High Tech Masterminds. She also works on ICT and technical support for bridging the gap between IT and business using data analytics to assess processes, determine requirements and deliver data-driven recommendations. 

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The benefits of learning ERP systems using tooltips
Dr M. Motahar September 6, 2021
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