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Embark on a comprehensive learning journey with AdoptionXP to master Odoo Inventory & MRP. Our interactive training is tailored for consultants, end users, power users, inventory managers, warehouse managers, and manufacturing managers. 

Through hands-on simulations and real-world scenarios, we guide you through the intricacies of Odoo's inventory and manufacturing resource planning modules. This course empowers you to optimize inventory control, streamline manufacturing processes, and drive operational efficiency. 

With AdoptionXP, unlock the full potential of Odoo Inventory & MRP, paving the way for enhanced productivity and business success.

Course Highlights

Interactive Simulations

Dive into realistic scenarios to better grasp Odoo's Inventory & MRP functionalities.

Progress Tracking 

Monitor your learning journey, identifying areas of improvement.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Explore key topics from Product Management to Quality Checks.

Real-world Scenarios

Tackle actual challenges in inventory and manufacturing operations.


Achieve a recognized certificate upon successful course completion, showcasing your expertise.*

​Expert Guidance

Learn from experienced instructors with a deep understanding of Odoo Inventory & MRP and real-world Inventory & MRP management.

Course Benefits

Streamlined Inventory Management

Gain the skills to optimize inventory levels, ensuring efficient operations and cost control.

Optimized Manufacturing Processes

Learn to enhance manufacturing workflows, improving productivity and reducing lead times.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Equip yourself with the knowledge to analyze operational data effectively, enabling informed, strategic decisions for better resource allocation and process improvement.

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Meet the Instructor


Dr M. Motahar

Discover the world of Odoo Sales under the guidance of one of the finest instructors globally. 
With :

  • a PhD in ERP training
  • 13 years as Odoo's corporate trainer
  • and a rich experience of conducting trainings across 14 countries 
  • for prestigious clients including UN Agencies and Avanade, a Microsoft and Accenture joint venture. 

our course author brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise. This course is not just a learning pathway, but an opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional, ensuring a top-notch learning experience.


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