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Embark on a journey to master Odoo HR functionalities with AdoptionXP. Our interactive, simulation-based training is crafted for consultants, end users, power users, and HR managers aiming to excel in managing human resources efficiently. 

With AdoptionXP, delve into key HR modules from employee management to fleet management, enhancing your proficiency in Odoo HR operations. This course is your gateway to a streamlined HR workflow, ensuring a well-organized, productive work environment. 

Get started with AdoptionXP, and empower your HR management journey in the Odoo ecosystem.

Course Highlights

Interactive Simulations

Engage with real-time HR scenarios within Odoo, enhancing practical understanding and application.

Progress Tracking 

Monitor your learning trajectory, identifying areas of improvement for a tailored learning experience.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Covering Employees, Recruitment, Time Off, Appraisals, Referrals, Fleet.

Practical Insights

Gain actionable insights through hands-on exercises, empowering you to optimize HR processes effectively.


Earn a recognized certification upon successful course completion, showcasing your Odoo HR expertise.*

​Expert Guidance

Benefit from the guidance of a seasoned instructor with extensive Odoo HR training experience, enriching your learning journey.

Course Benefits

Enhanced HR Management Skills

 Master the tools and functionalities vital for effective HR management within Odoo.

Streamlined HR Operations

  Achieve streamlined HR workflows, ensuring timely and efficient HR processes.

Data-Driven Decisions

  Leverage Odoo's analytical features for informed, data-driven HR decision-making, fostering a performance-oriented work environment.

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Meet the Instructor


Dr M. Motahar

Discover the world of Odoo Sales under the guidance of one of the finest instructors globally. 
With :

  • a PhD in ERP training
  • 13 years as Odoo's corporate trainer
  • and a rich experience of conducting trainings across 14 countries 
  • for prestigious clients including UN Agencies and Avanade, a Microsoft and Accenture joint venture. 

our course author brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise. This course is not just a learning pathway, but an opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional, ensuring a top-notch learning experience.


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