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Welcome to the AdoptionXP Partnership Program. As an Odoo Partner, your primary goal is to ensure seamless Odoo implementations for your clients. Our platform enhances this objective by offering interactive tutorials tailored for diverse Odoo modules.


Enhance Client Satisfaction and Retention

By partnering with AdoptionXP, you expedite the onboarding process for your clients and extend your service offerings. This partnership not only adds value but also augments client satisfaction, making your consultancy a one-stop solution for Odoo implementations and training. 


Why Partnering with us? 

Enhanced Client Onboarding

Speed up the learning curve for your clients with interactive, module-specific tutorials, ensuring a smoother transition to Odoo

Extended Service Offering 

Enrich your service portfolio by providing both implementation and comprehensive training solutions, becoming a one-stop solution for your clients.

Greater Reach and Revenue

Leverage the AdoptionXP platform to potentially expand your client base and generate additional revenue through referral incentives and enhanced service contracts.

What is the process? 

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Course Published and earn Loyalty

Once courses are published, earn loyalty and extend top-notch training solutions to your clients.

Questions? let me answer .... :) 

AdoptionXP is a platform specializing in interactive tutorials for Odoo modules, aiding in smoother onboarding and ongoing training.

Adoptionlead specialized in interactive Odoo module tutorials, offering a more tailored and hands-on learning experience for Odoo users. On the other hand, platforms like Udemy, Pluralsight, and LinkedIn Learning offer a vast range of courses across various domains. They might not provide the same level of interactive, simulation-based, and Odoo-focused training as AdoptionXP. 

Clients gain access to intuitive, module-specific tutorials that expedite the learning process and enhance Odoo utilization.

Enhanced client onboarding, extended service offerings, and potential for greater reach and revenue.

Leveraging interactive simulations and real-time scenarios to promote active learning and retention.

Can partners contribute to multiple Odoo module tutorials?

Absolutely, partners can contribute to multiple modules, broadening the scope of training available to clients.

Courses focused on various Odoo modules, tailored for different user roles from end-users to administrators, are ideal for AdoptionXP.

I am sure you have more questions! 


My name is Sachiko Kitagawa,   北川  祥子

I partner with top talent tech educators, online Instructors and trainers worldwide.

I help our partners transition from traditional lecture-style training videos or screencasting to the next generation of interactive in-app experiences. Learners feel your virtual presence while using their apps by receiving your guides in the form of tooltips and video tips guiding them through every step of the way without them having to leave the app.

I help talented educators develop and deliver the most engaging interactive content ever by leveraging their existing content to impress every learner.

Sachiko Kitagawa, 
Talent Acquisition Advisor at Adoptionlead 

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from our Instructors

From our beta in-app clients


Our Odoo implementation was a breeze with the training support from AdoptionXP, courtesy of our consulting partner. The tutorials were intuitive and engaging, making the learning curve much smoother.

Michael R. • Operations Manager at RetailCo


The interactive tutorials provided by our Odoo partner through AdoptionXP were a significant asset. They helped our team get up to speed with Odoo’s finance module quickly and efficiently.

Sophia L. • Finance Head at HealthPlus


AdoptionXP’s tutorials, provided by our consulting partner, were a boon. They demystified Odoo’s technical modules, enabling our team to leverage Odoo’s capabilities fully.

Jason K. • IT Head at TechFlow


The HR module training from AdoptionXP was thorough and interactive. It aided in our team’s quick adaptation to Odoo, making the HR processes streamlined and effective.

Linda M. • HR Manager at FoodExpress