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Continues employee training is becoming a necessity in the modern workplace. Let's make your training materials always available within the end user's apps 


Learn in the flow of work

Whether your students are individuals or employees of a fortune 500 company, They love to learn in the flow of work [1].

Let's build a training course that make them feel like their trainer sits next to them by pointing at every element on the screen and guiding them the next steps...

[1] Research done by LinkedIn for interviewing more than 4000 employees about training


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Be an early adopter of the next big waves of interactive in-app experiences

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deliver the most engaging interactive content ever by leveraging your existing content to impress every learner

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Leverage your existing contents, We do the heavy lifting job for you to convert your contents into Interactive simulation

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Let us do the heavy lifting part and convert your contents from the Docx format into an online interactive contents

Questions? let me answer .... :) 

Adoptionlead is a platform specializing in interactive tutorials for Odoo modules, aiding in smoother onboarding and ongoing training.

What is the difference between Adoptionlead and other platforms like Udemy, Pluralsight, and LinkedIn learning?

Adoptionlead specialized in interactive Odoo module tutorials, offering a more tailored and hands-on learning experience for Odoo users. On the other hand, platforms like Udemy, Pluralsight, and LinkedIn Learning offer a vast range of courses across various domains. They might not provide the same level of interactive, simulation-based, and Odoo-focused training as Adoptionlead. Each platform has its unique strengths and caters to different learning needs and audiences.

Users gain access to intuitive, module-specific tutorials that expedite the learning process and enhance Odoo utilization.

Access to next-gen teaching platform, extended service offerings, and potential for greater reach and revenue.

Leveraging interactive simulations and real-time scenarios to promote active learning and retention.

Revenue sharing details are clarified during the contract signing stage.

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I am sure you have more questions! 


My name is Sachiko Kitagawa,   北川  祥子

I partner with top talent tech educators, online Instructors and trainers worldwide.

I help our partners transition from traditional lecture-style training videos or screencasting to the next generation of interactive in-app experiences. Students feel your virtual presence while using their apps by receiving your guides in the form of tooltips and video tips guiding them through every step of the way without them having to leave the app.

I help talented educators develop and deliver the most engaging interactive content ever by leveraging their existing content to impress every learner.

Sachiko Kitagawa, 
Talent Acquisition Advisor at Adoptionlead 

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from our Instructors

From our beta in-app students


It's amazing and unbelievable ! I just connected to my new bookkeeping software and I can see a welcome video from the instructor ! there is no dual screen, Everything is now inside the app

John DOE • CEO of MyCompany


I used to spend so much time following boring online training courses and I had to pause the videos on my second screen and try to follow that on my first screen using the app. However, This tool is like a GPS in a car when you drive the car, It shows you the way to go without you having to stop your car ! 

John DOE • CEO of MyCompany


This tool is really simulating the software and you don't have a seperate lecture style training to watch. You literaly just have to follow the tooltips and video tips one by one and you end up learning it, Without even leaving the app

John DOE • CEO of MyCompany


One of the most creative ideas I even seen in online learning. It does explain every element on the screen and instruct you to follow the steps. You will find yourself working with your app from the very first minute ! 

John DOE • CEO of MyCompany