Odoo Smart Tips.
A modern new way to lead your ERP Adoption



Unique In-App Experience to engage Odoo Users


Always Improving

Adoptionlead's new UI layer will allow you to deliver a beautiful user interface to activate popup messages in almost every single element on the screen. Deliver the guide to your employees when they needed most.


Video Tooltips in HD 

With a click of a single button, you can convert the Odoo web client to a dynamic learning environment where any element on the screen can be linked to rich contents and HD quality recorded video that explains the element in details.

Backed by the Science

We forget 50% of what we learned within an hour of learning it (Read more). 

Smart tips is designed from the ground up based on this real fact to assist employees to memorize the key features of Odoo without the pressure of traditional lecture style training. 

Provide Daily – Weekly tips and it is designed based on the Micro Training concepts guiding users to follow the steps to complete the tasks

Instant guide

Deliver quality training to your users when they needed most. The guide is only one click away

Improve feature discoverability

Support for first-time users to get to know their way around Odoo and navigate through Odoo with Instant guide and contextual tips  

Tailor-made guide

Help your Odoo users develop good habits and follow the instructions (Your instructions) to work with the new ERP system

Discover the benefits of Smart Tooltips 

Find out more about smart tooltips and how it can help you transform your Odoo ERP system into a dynamic learning environment and drive productivity.