Join our live talk at Odoo Experience 2021

See how adoptionlead can help end-users onboard with interactive popup video messages
September 26, 2021 by
Join our live talk at Odoo Experience 2021
Dr M. Motahar

Odoo experience is a week away and we are launching our product, adoption lead in less than a week! 

Here is our talk in Odoo experience 2021. This year there are more than 50,000 registration and we are so excited to be there to speak about Adoption Lead

Here is the link to our talk 

But for those of you know don't know me, I have been involved in ERP training, for end-users, Power users, technical and functional Consultants for over a decade. 

I have been a lucky guy as my background was technical (bachelor of software engineering), and have been working on open source technologies (Master of open source computing) and my passion was ERP and training (PhD in open source ERP training). 

After 17 years of working (most of this was for ERP companies) and being a certified Odoo trainer since 2010, I thgouht it was the best time to leverage all my knowledge to cook like a master chef :) and this is what we are cooking at high tech masterminds Pty Ltd.  

What's the problem? 

The problem is about the effectiveness of the Traditional end-user training and onboarding which is always a challenge, and research shows that employees tend to forget up to 70% of the knowledge about ERP packages they learned through traditional lecture-style onsite or online classes only a day after the training! 

End users are playing a vital role in the success of any Odoo project. They are the ones who have to use the new software within the organization, and helping end-users in onboarding is always a priority for Odoo project managers. Only a group of well trained, knowledgeable Odoo users who work with the system with confidence can contribute to the efficiency of the business processes within their companies. That's why defining success in many ERP implementations worldwide is not just about project deliverables anymore but is whether end-users can adopt the new software efficiently in their day-to-day operations.

What is our solution? 

Something simple yet very effective! 

interactive popup video messages

It is an effective method to help onboard end-users and increase the adoption rate of Odoo within the organizations.

Two key products are here to help end users and project managers adopt ERP system. 

Odoo instant Guide and Odoo smart XP

Odoo Instant Guide

Odoo instant guide is a solution that going to help end-users in onboarding Odoo ERP by showing interactive HD quality instructional video messages on the screen 

Odoo Smart XP

In addition to that, We have Odoo Smart XP that will show a to-do list for end-users to complete it in the system supported by interactive popup messages (like click here to go to the helpdesk, Now click here to create a ticket..). 

 It's not something new, You have seen it already in Odoo ERP, isn't it? 

It's a similar concept but has been implemented in a more sophisticated way and is carefully crafted for success! 

This method focuses on the end-user's role within the organization and allocates a to-do item for each user based on their roles. Then end users have to start working with the system in the staging database and complete to-do items. Users are guided by step-by-step tooltips equipped with quick embedded videos explaining every single step. This method can simulate the production environment for end-users, and micro training embedded videos will guide users to gain the knowledge related to each step separately while they are doing it.

It really matters! 

My research and experience thought me a lesson that change management strategies and training are the critical success factors in ERP implementation and Odoo is not an exception to this, and using a sophisticated tool that is designed to facilitate your change management strategies (and I would say automate the implementation of this strategy ) will increase the chance of success out of your investment.  

Odoo experience 2021

We are excited to launch this product during the Odoo experience 2021. You can register for free and attend the event. 

We look forward to seeing you there :) 

Dr Mohammad Motahar




Join our live talk at Odoo Experience 2021
Dr M. Motahar September 26, 2021
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