The science behind Adoption Lead

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The science behind Adoption Lead
Dr M. Motahar

Have you noticed that there is an increasing number of different tools for employees to use today? The way of training is changed in the workplace, not only traditional training but also online training. Odoo is an ERP software that is used by organizations looking to manage their business functions within a centralized and integrated system. 

ERP systems like Odoo can help your employees use their time more efficiently. With a central database, information is much easier to retrieve. By training your employees to use Odoo effectively, you can ensure that you achieve the goals of your ERP implementation, which is to contribute to the efficiency of your business processes with productive teams using a modern new system. 

With traditional methods, tedious tasks are entirely unavoidable. Tasks such as generating reports, monitoring inventory levels, tracking schedules and processing orders have historically taken employees hours to complete. When the right solution is chosen, ERP can automate your most tedious tasks. As a result, ERP improves the productivity, efficiency, and profitability of your organization.

However, employees still have the challenge to remember all the training content when they are using it. Adoption Lead is a way to help your employees to prevent this issue and reduce the overall cost of adopting the new ERP system for your organization, and Odoo is a software package that can give you the confidence to overcome the challenges. The science behind Adoption Lead is called Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve.

What is Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve?

The forgetting curve is a curve used to describe the forgetting rate of medium - and long-term memory. Psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus first proposed this curve in his experiments from 1880 to 1885. In this experiment, Ebbinghaus used meaningless letter combinations. This curve was obtained by memorizing these letter combinations and examining the rate of forgetting after a series of time intervals. He took all the data from interval learning studies and plotted it on a graph like this:

His experiences and findings reveal several critical aspects of memory:

Memories weaken over time.

The most significant decline in memory rate occurs shortly after learning.

It's easier to remember things that have meaning.

The way things are presented affects learning.

How you feel can affect your memory.

Why it matters to your business? 

In the workplace, the forgetting curve could mean that your employees steadily lose their knowledge of skill as more time passes by unless they use it regularly. In traditional training, the forgetting curve shows that learners can forget almost 90% of information within the first month.

At the end of the training, employees return to work. If employees forget the training content, they may ask colleagues for help, borrow relevant training materials, or ask the IT department for assistance. Eventually, it leads to lower employee productivity.

How to overcome this memory challenge? 

In the late 19th century, Hermann Ebbinghaus conducted a series of experiments to understand how human memory works and developed a formula to explain how and why humans forget what they have learned. By knowing how memory works, we can improve memory in training programs in these four ways.

1. Reinforce The Training Regularly

Information is easier to recall when it's based on something you already know. The rate of descent decreases with each increase in training.

The testing effect says that by simply testing a person's memory, that memory becomes stronger. Frequent training interventions as part of learning activities can help consolidate information through active recall.

2. Make it more interactive and engaging

Having engaging courses not only improves completion rates but also helps learners retain information. Make information easier to digest, change the content you use videos, images, and webinars to mix and keep learners interested.

3. Make it easy to access

It is vital that learners be able to follow the course with ease. Employees should be able to complete training anytime, anywhere if we can make sure that we respond in a timely manner. In addition, if they can access their lessons anytime and anywhere, they will have a better chance to recall and update their knowledge when needed.

How we designed Adoption Lead 

Adoption Lead software can create interactive content in the form of text, video, and links. It allows employees to access your training materials anytime, anywhere. Adoptionlead has been designed to minimize the impact of the forgetting curve. It provides an option to help employees remember by giving the option to receive guidance that is :

Instantly accessible in-app

Employees are one click away from receiving world-class training embedded into the element on the screen. With a button press, Your Odoo ERP can be transformed into a dynamic learning environment where the guide for every field, button, and menu item are available instantly.

Is short and directly related to the point

Training is designed based on the Micro Training concepts, with HD video explainers that are regularly less than 5minutes, explaining the screen element without wasting any extra minutes from the employee to read unnecessary documentation. Employees can grasp deep knowledge of the component on the screen like, What is this field? How does it work in Odoo? What are the configurations related to it?

It is fully interactive and engaging

Employees engagement with the Odoo ERP will improve their productivity and ultimately impact the process efficiencies. Adoption lead is designed from scratch to be interactive and engaging by showing users the path to follow. Thanks to Smart XP's power, tooltips are linked to various steps on the screen to ensure that users follow every step to accomplish their tasks.


In today's competitive market, Employees are working under the pressure of learning many different tools. Therefore, employee's productivity matters, and it can contribute to the efficiency of the business processes and result in faster ROI. However, only employees who are competent in working with the enterprise software can be productive and therefore, A truly effective training program plays a vital role in increasing the adoption rate of the enterprise software among employees and help them make the best use of it in their day to day job.

Science tells us that it is unrealistic to run formal training for employees using traditional lecture-style training and expect them to memorize and leverage all the features of the Odoo ERP they were taught, even if it is the next day of their work after the training. Forgetting curve reminds us that a more sophisticated training process that is continuous and interactive is needed.

That became the basis of Adoption Lead which is engineered from the ground up to reduce the effects of the forgetting curve. It helps employees go through numerous reviews at no extra cost and with the minimum waste of time to increase memory retention without putting them under the pressure of memorizing all the functions and features of the Odoo ERP system during an extensive lecture-style onsite or online training.

Investing in employees to increase their productivity will always have a massive impact on process efficiency and faster ROI.

Sharon Li, Business Analyst

Sharon is an IT business analyst at High Tech Masterminds. She also works on ICT and technical support for bridging the gap between IT and business using data analytics to assess processes, determine requirements and deliver data-driven recommendations. 

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The science behind Adoption Lead
Dr M. Motahar October 8, 2021
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